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Meet the man behind Born-Again Builders. Because builders can be feminists too!

Born Again Builders 169 02 copy.png


Neil            Mark Davison

Yasmin     Samantha Lyden

Stevo         Jack Shalloo 

Dave          Dean Kilby 

Gary           Charlie Wernham 

Bill             Hannah Chalmers

Malcolm   Alex Woodhall 

Girl             Lara Cowin

Writers      Samantha Lyden & Teresa Burns 

Director   Matt Holt

DOP          Matt Wicks

Producer  Amber Howorth


 NEIL (50) is old school. He’s a builder, a geezer, a man’s-man. Pub after work, football on a Saturday, tea on the table when he gets home. That’s until long-suffering wife LINDA (50) announces she’s leaving, taking daughter JADE (16) with her. As if this wasn’t bad enough Neil’s then overlooked for the Site Manager job that everyone said he was a safe bet for. But instead they bring in outsider, SAM (35), who turns out to be a ‘bird’ – it’s political correctness gone mad!


Things come to a head one day at work, when Neil and the lads accidentally catcall his daughter, and a fight breaks out. Hauled in front of Sam, Neil’s future appears on the line, until he suddenly plays the feminist card, with an impassioned speech about how “they need to all take a long hard look at themselves”. He even offers to set up a support group for reformed builders and declares himself as the leader, and so 'Born Again Builders' was launched. But surely he can't be serious.... or can he? 

Behind The Scenes

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